sol de luyaba

Your Place on Earth

1st Stage - DONE

Measurement and submission of plans in the municipality.

2nd Stage

Main entrance, access roads and roundabout.
Demarcation and fencing.

3rd Stage

Water well, and distribution system to each plot.

Luyaba, a unique place in Argentina.


  • Water of excellent quality. Bacteriological and physicochemical report. Approximate water flow for a 4-inch well with a depth of 50 meters: 10,000 liters/hour.
  • 4 km from Route 148 and 6 km from Route 14.
  • 31.7 km from Valle de Conlara International Airport, Province of San Luis.
  • 37 km from Villa Dolores and 34 km from Merlo.
  • 15 km from San Javier

Our Land

A Privileged Place

A valley protected by the Cordoba mountains, at the foot of M. Champaquí.


Located above an inexhaustible aquifer only 35 meters deep.


1 or 1/2 hectare plots, with access road, boundary markers, and water

Tree Species
from International Airport
from San Javier, Córdoba

Buy your land

1/2 Hectare

1 Hectare

More than 1 ha

Other projects

altos de luyaba

A first-class resort, with apartments, services and amenities.

All within a self-sustaining framework, respecting the natural ecosystem of the place.

Parcels from USD 25000

Join this opportunity in Luyaba, San Javier – Córdoba.